Smoke-Free Advocacy

Given the effectiveness of smoking bans in protecting the public from the health hazards of secondhand smoke and NC's current law, which does not allow smoking in restaurants and bars, but does not include all work sites, the NC Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch, along with many partners, has been involved in media and policy advocacy efforts aimed at providing protection from secondhand smoke through state or local smoking bans.

To learn about North Carolina's Smoke-Free Restaurants and Bars law, which went into effect January 2, 2010, visit

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People hurt by secondhand smoke in the workplace are not just statistics, they are real workers with tragic stories to share. View a television ad made by Heather Crowe, a waitress who died in 2006 from secondhand smoke. If you live in North Carolina and have a story to share about secondhand smoke, send us a note.

To find out what local governments can do, visit: