Secondhand smoke interventions for parents and caregivers

ASK: 1 minute

  • Health care providers should ASK all parents/caregivers about tobacco use at every visit.
    1. Implement a system in your clinic that ensures that tobacco-use status is obtained and documented at every patient visit (EMR, sticker, stamp).
    2. To make asking about tobacco use easy, give your patient this easy to complete questionnaire.
    3. Pay particular attention to mothers of newborns who quit during pregnancy.
    4. Ask parents about folk remedies for teething. One such folk remedy is rubbing smokeless tobacco to sooth the gums of teething babies.
  • If patient/parent/caregiver is a tobacco user, continue to ADVISE.
  • Make sure that you congratulate those who do not use tobacco.

ADVISE: 1 minute

  • Use clear, strong, and personalized language to ADVISE all tobacco users to quit.
  • At every visit, deliver and document clear messages to eliminate secondhand smoke from the child’s environment (e.g. home, car, or day-care).

ASSESS: 1 minute

Assist: 3 minutes +

Arrange: 1 minute

  • Follow up with patient/parent/caregiver at subsequent visits for the child.