If you are an active member of the U.S. Military, there are tobacco cessation services available just for you:


YouCanQuit2, a Department of Defense program to help people in the US military quit tobacco use. The site includes a live chat feature and provides personalized online support from coaches to TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries and others who are assisting them in quitting tobacco use.

Find Programs Specific to Your Service

The CDC Office on Smoking and Health has more detailed information on services available just for you!



If you are a U.S. Military Veteran, the U.S. Veteran's Health Administration has many resources and tools to help you quit tobacco. Here are some links that are just for you:

Smokefree Veterans Webpage includes information about quitting cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, along with interactive tools.

SmokefreeVET Text Program A six to eight-week program that sends two-five texts per day, timed to a Veteran’s quit date, available for cigarette smokers and smokeless tobacco users.

SmokefreeVET Facebook Community Online virtual community of Veterans, who share tips for quitting tobacco and other information.