Pregnant Women

Nicotine in e-cigarettes can harm your baby's brain

You Quit, Two Quit

You Quit, Two Quit is a North Carolina program that can give you information and materials about tobacco use during pregnancy and how quit for your health and your baby's. You can download information on quitting during pregnancy, staying quit after the baby is born, secondhand smoke and your baby and the truth about e-cigarettes and vaping during pregnancy.

Tobacco Use and Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and using tobacco, quit for your health and that of your baby. Every day you do not use tobacco while pregnant allows more the oxygen to reach your baby and helps the baby grow. A baby that is born too small or too early often faces many health challenges. Even a weight increase of a half-pound can make the difference between a healthy baby and a baby who needs to stay at the hospital for a while and needs costly care.

Since pregnancy is a special time for you, there are programs and materials to help you quit tobacco.

Smoking Cessation Video

In this N.C. Healthy Start video, a former smoker discusses her motivations for quitting and the steps she took to quit. The video includes tips and resources on how to become smoke-free.