Quit for Your Health

Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable death in the US and in N.C. According to the CDC, tobacco causes damage to every system and nearly every organ of the body. If that's not enough reason to quit, then consider the following:

It is important to know the difference between wanting to quit and needing to quit. Most people know that they need to quit, and are aware of the health effects of tobacco use.

  • Identify reasons you want to quit. To improve your health, for a loved one, so that you can enjoy playing sports, to take back control of your life...anything that motivates you. This can remind you why you want to quit.
  • Get support. Quitting is hard and any support that you can get can make it easier. Whether from a family member, a friend, or by calling QuitlineNC, you can get the support you need to help you quit using tobacco. Success rates are much higher for tobacco users who have support while trying to break their addiction.
  • Make a plan. Start by setting a quit date and tell your family, friends and co-workers so that they can support you in your attempt to quit using tobacco products. Think about the challenges you will face and how you can handle these challenges. If you need help making a plan QuitlineNC can help.
  • Get rid of the temptation. Remove all tobacco products from your environment.